Airline Services & Logistics PLC was established in 1996 to provide catering and related services to airlines operating within the Nigerian aviation industry. The company operates international standard inflight catering facilities, lounges and restaurants at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos and the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport, Abuja.

With its rapid growth and consistent business success, ASL is now a public listed Company on the NIgerian Stock Exchange (NSE). Due to its proposed listing in 2007, the NSE in turn created a new sector in its daily official list, the Airline services sector and admitted Airline Services & Logistics Plc (ASL)into this sector.

As at April 30, 2007, ASL had shareholders funds of N1.10 billion and annual turnover in excess of N2.6 billion. Profit after tax rose to N179 million in December 31, 2006, from N27 million in 2005.

ASL’s success is not only reflected in our culture of excellence but in every aspect of our operations and world standard catering facilities for both international and indigenous airlines in Nigeria; priding ourselves as a company that delivers bespoke services to its various clients.

The ASL team consists of seasoned professionals that have first class track records within the Industry. In conjunction with its international partners, this allows the company to deliver the following:

  • Exceptional Value to its clients via tailored solutions- this is acheived through significant Investment in technology and infrastructure to cater to the needs of our clients;
  • A strong emphasis on training and specialised skills within the ASL workforce. Our commitment to our staff requires continuous investment in personnel training;
  • Adhering to international best practice and standards - ASL continues to demonstrate a world class operation that exceeds the demands of the industry; and
  • A fully customisable catering experience that is wrapped in best of practice project management and customer service delivery.