The ASL Facility

The ASL facility is a World Class Catering facility that adopts the highest standards and certification for Food and Catering Production. The unit is designed to be capable of producing a minimum of 5000 meals per day and has separate meat, fish and vegetable preparation areas to process the locally purchased items, in addition to considerable cold storage for local and bought-in product. In guaranteeing the consistency of ASL service, ASL has installed 100 per cent back up on all the refrigeration units with two sets of compressor plants on each cold room. Furthermore, there is full redundancy on the water treatment plant.

As part of ASL's strategy to ensure a round the clock operation, the facility also comprises of the following:

  • Hot kitchen;
  • Bakery;
  • Laundry;
  • Generators;
  • On Site Rubbish Compactor; and
  • On site water bore-well.

All hardware components, water-treatment infrastructure,ventilation systems and light equipment have been sourced and installed from reputable organisations,whilst heavy equipment and cold stores have been supplied by Hobart-Foster International. These features and the robust design makes the ASL Theatre of Operations unit a completely self-sufficient 21st century facility.